Smart Selling Skills

Smart Selling skills

Course Overview
• More and more companies are realizing in order to retain existing clients and gain new clients; they need to stand out from the crowd. One way they do this is in their product offerings, however as we know people buy people, so it is therefore vitally important that customer facing staff are fully trained in all aspects of customer service and sales.

• We want to ensure our clients feel every interaction with us is a valuable one, that we we appreciate their custom and that we ensure we meet all their needs in a professional and friendly way, using clear and effective communication to ensure that customer value us maximized and potential business is not lost. If your staff are not trained properly on sales, how much business your company is losing.

Course Outcome
• Understanding why people buy people
• Identifying buying needs
• Understanding features advantages and benefits
• To define how to handle objections
• Understand how to closing a sale

Course Duration
24 Hours