legal skills

Legal skills for non-legal Persons

Legal Skills for non-legal Persons

Course Overview
• The program reviews the legal skills that require knowledge of many techniques
and skills and knowledge of steps and methodological rules, including the need for
the law in our daily lives and learn about the characteristics of the legal rule, in order to take as much as possible the content of the law and understand the origin and source and analysis of the language of writing.
• This program is for employees of legal departments who are illegal in institutions, government agencies and the private sector, whose work requires dealing and preparing for various legal consultations.

Course Outcome
• Upgrading the capacity of legal researchers and increasing the capacity
of legal professionals working in legal affairs to understand laws and their sources.
• This program aims to provide participants with basic legal information.
• To develop their abilities and skills in dealing with legal works.
• Assist in processing the required legal information.
• Contribute to the initial preparation of letters, decisions and legal memoranda.

Course Duration
25 Hours