• The Entrepreneurs Program

    This program is ideal to assist every startup and new business owner to develop essential understanding on the vital requirements in order to launch their business successfully.

  • Smart Selling Skills

    People buy people, so it is therefore vitally important that customer facing staff are fully trained in all aspects of customer service and sales.

  • Designing Ads and Social Media Management

    Certificate in professional Design of social media applications for the business sector.

  • Classroom Management

    The program reviews the principles of classroom environment management and the teacher’s personality inside and outside the classroom.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Designed to help candidates in developing their understanding and knowledge of Social Media Marketing.

  • legal skills
    Legal skills for non-legal Persons

    Learn skills and knowledge of steps and methodological rules, including the need for the law in our daily lives and the characteristics of the legal rule.

  • Behavior Problems

    Learn about behavior modification strategies and how to implement them by building a modification plan.

  • Basics in Photography

    Develop the performance and ability to handle the camera and produce a correct image that impacts the media and social networking sites.

  • photoshop
    Basics in Photo Editing using Photoshop

    Learn the basics of photo editing using Photoshop

  • TOLES (Higher)

    The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) is a series of practical and industry-led English examinations for lawyers and law students. The TOLES exams are issued by Global Legal English, who are members of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales.