Educator’s Training Skills

Educator's Training Skills

Course Overview
• The growth and success of students in the classroom are highly dependent on the quality of the instruction they receive. This workshop presents the opportunity to review, discuss, and practice the principles of effective teaching so that you can provide the best learning experience for your students. 

 Educator’s Training Skills program is designed to help teachers and trainers to design and/or deliver a presentation that can be more engaging than a traditional “I speak and you listen” training format. By inserting more engaging learning activities, every presenter has a better chance that their content will be retained, and therefore acted upon. In addition to that, it will teach participants how to develop a training course. They will know the key concepts related to adult learning, writing learning outcomes, training course design and training evaluation.

Course Outcome
1: Relate the Teaching Philosophy to the Training Methodology 
2: Understand the Learning Theory
3: Distinguish appropriate learning levels for instructional objectives  
4: Establish a positive classroom culture 
5: Demonstrate an effective personal presentation style in the classroom 
6: Identify and employ effective classroom communication methods
7: Discuss student, teacher, and course evaluations

Course Duration
16 Hours – 2 – 4 Days