The Entrepreneurs Program

The Entrepreneurs Program

Course Overview
• Every newly launched business faces the possibility of failure within six months of its initial launch and some of them go out of business within their first operating year, so what goes wrong for these entrepreneurs?

• Entrepreneurs must acquire sufficient knowledge and skills prior to their business launch, this 5 days’ (The Entrepreneurs Program) is ideal to assist every startup and new business owner to develop essential understanding on the vital requirements in order to launch their business successfully, and the unique focus is given to young entrepreneurs to encourage them to take the next step in launching their business or have the know how’s to manage their current home based business more effectively.

Course Outcome
• Establish your business Idea
• Understand Marketing Essentials
• Understand Customer Service for Startups
• Understand Finance Essentials
• Understand Human Resources and Team Building
• Link All Entrepreneurs Skills and Use them Together

Course Duration
40 Hours 

Smart Selling Skills

Smart Selling skills

Course Overview
• More and more companies are realizing in order to retain existing clients and gain new clients; they need to stand out from the crowd. One way they do this is in their product offerings, however as we know people buy people, so it is therefore vitally important that customer facing staff are fully trained in all aspects of customer service and sales.

• We want to ensure our clients feel every interaction with us is a valuable one, that we we appreciate their custom and that we ensure we meet all their needs in a professional and friendly way, using clear and effective communication to ensure that customer value us maximized and potential business is not lost. If your staff are not trained properly on sales, how much business your company is losing.

Course Outcome
• Understanding why people buy people
• Identifying buying needs
• Understanding features advantages and benefits
• To define how to handle objections
• Understand how to closing a sale

Course Duration
24 Hours 

Designing Ads and Social Media Management

Designing Ads and Social Media Management

Course Overview
• Certificate in professional Design of social media applications for the business sector is designed to help candidates in developing their understanding and knowledge of Professional Design threw cell phones for social media platforms.

Course Outcome
1. Understanding the Professional design programs for social media platforms.
2. Understanding the sizes of profile and story, feed picture and video resolution.
3. Understanding How to do professional social media post.
4. Understanding How to do professional social media content.

Course Duration
60 Hours 

Classroom Management

Classroom Management and and Building the Teacher's Personality

Course Overview
• The program reviews the principles of classroom environment management and the teacher’s personality inside and outside the classroom.

Course Outcome
• Classroom environment management
• Body language and management
• Class organization method
• School day management
• How to apply lesson plan
• Share or period management
• Student assessment methods
• Practical applications

Course Duration
30 Hours 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Course Overview
• Certificate in social media Marketing is designed to help candidates in developing their understanding and knowledge of Social Media Marketing.

Course Outcome
1. Understanding the definition of marketing academically.
2. Understanding how do I define a target Audience.
3. Understanding how increase followers.
4. Understanding How to do marketing plan and marketing strategy for social Media.

Course Duration
60 Hours 

legal skills

Legal skills for non-legal Persons

Legal Skills for non-legal Persons

Course Overview
• The program reviews the legal skills that require knowledge of many techniques
and skills and knowledge of steps and methodological rules, including the need for
the law in our daily lives and learn about the characteristics of the legal rule, in order to take as much as possible the content of the law and understand the origin and source and analysis of the language of writing.
• This program is for employees of legal departments who are illegal in institutions, government agencies and the private sector, whose work requires dealing and preparing for various legal consultations.

Course Outcome
• Upgrading the capacity of legal researchers and increasing the capacity
of legal professionals working in legal affairs to understand laws and their sources.
• This program aims to provide participants with basic legal information.
• To develop their abilities and skills in dealing with legal works.
• Assist in processing the required legal information.
• Contribute to the initial preparation of letters, decisions and legal memoranda.

Course Duration
25 Hours 

Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems Modification Techniques

Course Overview
• The foundations of building behavior and factors affecting it.
• Learn about behavior modification strategies and how to implement them. 
• Build a behavior modification plan.

Course Outcome
• Learn about socialization and the factors that influence behavior building
• Learn the basics of behavior modification, its basic concepts and strategies
• Learn about the concept of problems, their classifications and methods of treatment
• Learn how to diagnose behavioral problems in children
• Learn the measures of behavioral disorders
• Learn about behavioral counseling and strategies
• Building a behavior modification program
• Complete planning for building behavior modification plan.

Course Duration
30 Hours 

Basics in Photography

Basics in Photography

Course Overview
• The photography program develops the performance of the trainees so that the trainee can interact with the camera and produce a correct image that has become one of the things that are discussed in the media and social networking sites.
• It also enables the trainee to arrange work goals and then the practical application of those goals.

Course Outcome
1. Learn about the types of photography
2. Learn about the types of cameras and their parts
3. Adjust the camera settings
4. Determine the current level of the trainee
5. Explain the way lenses are used and their functions
6. Practical training on the camera
7. Explain the exposure triangle
8. Explain the rules of composition
9. Photoshop processing

Course Duration
12 Hours 


Basics in Photo Editing using Photoshop

Basics of photo editing using Photoshop

Course Overview
• One of the most popular and most used photo editing software available for designers and developers is Photoshop.

Course Outcome
• Art and creative design
• Explain the main interface
• Color schemes
• Stirring tools
• Selection and shearing tools
• Color selection and measurement tools
• Blending and blurring tools
• Types of brushes and how to use them
• Coloring and surveying tools
• Writing tools and methods of use
• The pin tool is important and ways to use it
• Geometric shapes tools
• Photo editing tools:
-Saturation of colors
-Color balance
• Effects

Course Duration
12 Hours 

TOLES (Higher)

TOLES (Higher)

Course Overview
• TOLES means ‘Test of Legal English Skills’. The TOLES program consists of a structured course of legal English training materials supported by three levels of professional exams. The exam levels are progressive steps towards reaching the standard of legal English required by employers such as international commercial law firms, in-house legal teams in private companies and top-class translators.

• TOLES legal English training materials and exams have been developed following the advice of experienced commercial lawyers. The top requirements of employers are excellent drafting skills, first-class negotiating skills and a strong sense of commercial awareness. This course prepares trainees to take this test and help them in achieving these goals.

Course Outcome
1. Identify essential collocations and prepositions in the area of law.
2. Develop reading for gist in the context of legal banking contracts
3. Identify the key features of contract law
4. Aquire specialist terms in the context of language of company law, business law and employment law
5. Develop reading fluency and reading for specific information in the context of law of tort
6. Develop writing fluency and accuracy in the context of legal contracts
7. Consolidate the learned materials and practice test-taking skills

Course Duration
60 Hours – 10 Days